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Get to Know Me!

Maxwell grew up and currently resides in Southeastern Pennsylvania. From a young age, Max has loved using his imagination to create new experiences. Whether that was being a teacher for a room full of stuffed animals or playing mermaids with his cousins, Max was always been interested in playing.

Going into middle school and high school, Max's love for make believe and performance strengthened and he would begin to appear in his school's productions. After high school, Max went on to get his Bachelors of Arts in Theatre with a concentration in musical theatre from DeSales University, graduating May 2022.

Currently, Max can be found bothering his pets with his love, especially his cat Big Boy. At DeSales, Max also found a passion for costuming and sewing, having worked on multiple costume crews and constructing pieces during his time there. Max also occasionally performs in drag as Robin Cox. Favorite numbers to perform have been "Poor Unfortunate Souls" and "All that Jazz / Hot Honey Rag".

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